Asiana Airlines jet crash

Saturday’s plane crash is a reminder of how delicate life can be. Two of the individuals who were reported dead are Chinese students from Zhejiang province. As the former President of Shoreline Community College, we recruited many students from there. As I learned about the crash I was hoping and praying that no one died. Upon learning that two Chinese students died my heart was breaking for the parents, families, friends and loved ones. Because of China’s one child policy this tragedy takes on an added dimension. Chinese parents sacrifice so much for their child to have access to a high quality post-secondary experience. They are willing to make untold sacrifices so that their child could have a bright future. Never thinking that their sacrifices to send their son or daughter to study abroad could end up so tragically. Please join me in keeping these students’ parents, family, friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. Saturday is a reminder that we are all part of one race – the human race.

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