Welcome to My Pima Blog

Welcome to My Pima Blog.  My name is Lee D. Lambert, and I am honored and humbled to be the new Chancellor and CEO of Pima Community College, located in Tucson, Arizona. I began my official duties last week, July 1, 2013. I was formerly the President and CEO of Shoreline Community College, located in Seattle, WA.

I am frequently asked why I left the beautiful PNW, for the very hot desert southwest.  My simple answer is, “I am committed to working together with a caring group of professionals committed to serving students and the communities in which they reside.  To be able to do this on a larger stage, working together with the caring faculty, staff, students and Board of Governors, in service to the communities of Pima County and beyond, was just too great of an opportunity to pass up on.” I say tongue and cheek, my unofficial criteria included, sunshine, mountains, Pac 12 Conference, and water.  I guess three out of four is not bad.  On a serious note, the people of Tucson have made me feel welcomed.  From the moment I flew into Tucson for the very first time from Phoenix, to the full page ad taken out by the Pima Community College Foundation board, to meeting the board of Governors, the faculty, staff and students of Pima Community College throughout the interview process to last week, I feel very appreciated and at home.

My Pima Blog will cover a lot of areas impacting on education, especially post-secondary education.  Although my focus will be primarily on Pima CC and community colleges, I will share thoughts on a variety of topics within and outside of education.  I will address topics related to technology, globalization, leadership, management, change, and beyond. 

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, and in turn I hope I will get an opportunity to hear from you.


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