Pathways to success through PCCAE

I appeared in a discussion with Dean of Adult Education Regina Suitt before about 90 educators and community partners at a PCC Adult Education in-service day at our 29th Street Coalition Center yesterday. We discussed a variety of issues, including the need to create strong pathways to move students from Adult Basic Education to a high school equivalency and into careers.

To achieve that goal will involve several initiatives, including contextualized learning that combines Adult Education with training in the career of the students’ choice, a suite of student services, and career navigation/internship opportunities. [You can hear more about the importance of pathways in the accompanying video clip.]


One of the highlights for the participants in the training was hearing a panel of former PCCAE students describe their challenges and successes as they have moved through and beyond Adult Education. The students on the panel have succeeded in a wide variety of academic and career pursuits, including small business ownership, attending PCC with a goal of transfer to the UA, and a career in nursing.

Many students emphasized the need to help PCCAE students get a good start at PCC by guiding them through admissions, class registration and financial aid processes. Providing that type of service through PCC is critical to my goal of weaving a student-centered approach into the every strand of the College. We do well in many areas, such as PCCAE, but there’s still plenty of work to do.

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