Facilities Best Practices Symposium

Our Facilities Department recently held a Best Practices Symposium for southern Arizona K-12 and community college district facilities operations and maintenance personnel. More than 50 people attended to discuss best practices, efficiencies and lessons learned. Topics discussed included effectively managing risk, campus safety and enhanced energy storage.

Vice Chancellor of Facilities Bill Ward and his team joined forces with Trane, the maker of heating and air conditioning systems, to hold the event at our Downtown Campus. Below, Bill explains the purpose and goals of the symposium:


My remarks at the symposium focused on how  PCC can partner with industry for the benefit of our students in our occupational programs. In this scenario, both business and students are our customers. We partner with industry for several reasons: to align our curriculum with cutting-edge practices, and to obtain the equipment and resources so that students graduate  ready to successfully transition to real-world jobs. The College needs to provide faculty with training so that they can stay up-to-date with increasingly sophisticated industry practices and machinery. We also need to assure quality by consistently benchmarking our programs against our community college peers and industry standards.

All partners need to agree upon clearly defined objectives and share a vision that will sustain them through the inevitable rocky times. In that sense, the partnership is kind of like a marriage:


I want to thank Bill and Richard Mills of Trane for making the inaugural Best Practices Symposium a success. Bringing together a group of facilities professionals with wide-ranging expertise and diverse perspectives helps the local facilities and operations community share knowledge and effectively address common issues.

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