Welcome, Dr. Lorraine Morales


Last week I attended a welcome reception for Dr. Lorraine Morales, the new president of our Community Campus. Lorraine was one of the first people I met at PCC when I interviewed for the chancellorship last year, and it’s because of people like Lorraine, who combine exceptional talent with boundless compassion for the community, that I took the position.

In a sense, last week’s event was a “welcome back” reception, as Lorraine had served as president in an acting capacity in 2012-13. Lorraine is an extremely good fit for her new post. In addition to wide-ranging administrative experience at PCC (she has served at four of our six campuses), Lorraine understands the special role Community Campus plays at the College.

Community is home to PCC’s Workforce Development initiatives, and partners with local employers to provide efficient, effective training to their workers. Our top-rated Adult Education program and our online education services have their roots at Community, but as Lorraine recognizes, their branches extend through the College. Lorraine’s vision is to increase the integration of Community’s functions throughout the College for the betterment of our students and community partners.

Lorraine’s education journey exemplifies the incredible power of learning. After receiving her high school equivalency, she went on to earn bachelor and master’s degrees, and received a doctorate in Education from Northern Arizona University.  Her academic achievements led to a decades-long career at colleges and universities. Yet, as she put it, Lorraine always felt drawn to community colleges. PCC is the better for it.

Under Lorraine’s leadership, Community Campus – or as Lorraine called it, “that little building on Bonita” – is poised to have a tremendous positive impact as we remake PCC into one of the United States’ premier community colleges.

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