A milestone in the rebuilding of PCC

The College received good news yesterday: A team from the Higher Learning Commission, the organization that accredits higher education institutions such as PCC, has recommended that our probation be lifted and that our accreditation be affirmed for the next 10 years.

As I wrote in a message to the College community, the team’s report affirms that, because of the hard work of many, we have made great strides in rebuilding Pima and addressing the many serious problems that led us to probation. I thank those whose tireless efforts have helped us reach this milestone.

However, our comeback is just beginning. The HLC team recognizes that many of our initiatives are new and have yet to bear fruit. That is why the team recommended that our status be changed to “on notice.” The HLC will continue to closely monitor us for the next few years and plans a focused follow-up visit no later than March 2016.

That’s a good thing. We are committed to constantly trying to improve our programs and services.

For PCC, the best is yet to come. We are on course to ultimately be one of the nation’s premier community colleges.

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