PCC has been removed from probation

Here is a sentence I have been waiting to write since I became Chancellor of this great institution on July 1, 2013: The Higher Learning Commission, an organization that accredits universities and colleges, has removed PCC from probation.

The HLC has placed the College on the status of Notice, in recognition of the progress we have made and the work we still must do to gain our accreditor’s fullest degree of confidence. I want to assure the public that we already have begun work on areas identified by the HLC. We are putting into place processes that will produce results to meet the standards of the HLC.

PCC will submit a Notice Report to the HLC by July 1, 2016. The HLC will conduct a Focused Evaluation Visit no later than September 2016, and in February 2017 the HLC Board will review our Notice Report.

I am confident that the College will continue its hard work as part of a cycle of continuous improvement at PCC. I also am grateful for the dozens of community members who communicated with the HLC over the past months. They helped demonstrate that we have a crucial role to play in making the American Dream come true for our neighbors throughout Southern Arizona. In fact, we have been heartened by the outpouring of support for PCC from students and all corners of the community recently.

PCC will continue to improve as we focus on student success, community engagement and diversity. Working together, we can build a premier community college.

One thought on “PCC has been removed from probation

  1. Steven D. Martinson

    Congratulations, Lee! Excellent Job. Community Member of the Self-Study Response Team, Steve Martinson (Professor of German Studies, UA)


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