LULAC awards banquet

I was honored last week to be recognized by the League of United Latin American Citizens Council 1057 at the group’s annual Educators Awards & Scholarship Banquet.

LULAC recognized several members of the community for bettering the lives of youth through investments in the community and education. I was in illustrious company: Also honored were restaurateur Frances Erunez, Alma Gallardo of Arizona Bilingual magazine, teacher/coach Saturnino “Curly” Santa Cruz, radio journalist John C. Scott, educator Dr. Vicki Balentine, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and Bishop Gerald Kicanas.

I should note that PCC’s West Campus has been the longtime host of LULAC Council 1057’s Annual Youth Leadership Conference, which has drawn national acclaim for hosting more than 115,000 middle and high school students, encouraging them to stay in school and to recognize that education is the key to success. Also, other PCC employees have been honored by LULAC numerous times for their contributions to this important organization. It all adds up to a deep individual and institutional commitment to constructive community engagement.



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