A healthy civil society


The signing on May 4 of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Pima County Interfaith Civic Education Organization (PCICEO) furthers PCC’s commitment to student success, community engagement, and diversity.

In light of ongoing economic challenges, public education institutions in Arizona and across the U.S. need to grow relationships and devise strategic solutions with community partners regarding resource development. PCC has enjoyed a long relationship with the Pima County Interfaith Council through PCC Adult Education and other connections. Both PCIC and PCC place a high priority on the value of jobs that pay a living wage, so residents can remain in the area and provide the foundation for a stable community.

The new coalition with PCICEO, a broad-based, non-partisan organization that serves as the educational arm of PCIC, gives an opportunity to collaborate on a wide range of initiatives. A promising project is support for Advocates for PCC, a new group started by students, in a major voter registration campaign for students centered on the National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) in September. Other topics that may be explored by PCC and PCICEO are community training and education, multi-level advocacy, and more. Taken together, the initiatives can foster a healthy civil society

Thank you to Michael Peel, Government Relations Liaison for PCC and a PCIC volunteer, for pulling this effort together. Several community leaders from PCICEOand PCC spoke at this event, including Kevin Courtney, Lead Organizer, PCICEO; Deaconess Marjorie Hrabe, St. Mark’s Methodist; Reverend Sharon Ragland, Pastor, St. Mark’s Methodist; Reverend Tom Tureman, SDS, Pastor, Most Holy Trinity Catholic; Reverend Delle McCormick, Pastor, Rincon Congregational UCC; and Monsignor Raúl Trevizo, Vicar General, Catholic Diocese of Tucson and Pastor, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

In addition, PCC Student Leader Nick Meyers spoke on behalf of the new Advocates for PCC group, and Mireya Escamilla, Assistant Program Coordinator, Adult Education for PCC and a former Adult Ed student, spoke on behalf of Adult Education. Our combined efforts will ensure successful future collaborations designed to prepare PCC students for effective advocacy, civic engagement and community leadership.

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