Paying tribute

WallThe Pima Community College Governing Board last week paid a moving tribute to the 43 members of the Board who have served before them.

The ceremony was inspired by current Board Chair Dr. Sylvia Lee, and its centerpiece was the unveiling in the Community Board Room at District Office of a wall of photos, one for each of the former Board members.

I had the honor of introducing Dr. Lee to the current and former Border members in attendance. Collectively, past board members have served the College more than 240 years since its inception in 1969.

ChancellorPast Board members shared thoughts about their service and the special place the College has in their hearts. Georgia Brousseau (who served from 1976-1984), Dr. Brenda Even (2001-2014) and Marty Cortez (1995-2015, the longest span of service in Governing Board history), described the difference the College has made to the community. Richard Fimbres (1997-2010) talked about how coming back to PCC always leaves him feeling rejuvenated. Dr. James Klein (1977-82) related how the College’s Nursing program first received accreditation. And Chris Molina (1985-1994), who like Dr. Lee began at PCC as a student, promised to make sure that the current Board stays true to the College’s ideals.

Before the unveiling, everyone had a chance to catch up on old times. And one need only look at the accompanying images to recognize how touched the former members of the Board were to see the display of an enduring symbol of their legacy of service.

There are plenty of people to thank for making the celebration a reality. Christy Yebra of College Events and Angie Wesson of the Chancellor’s Office organized the event. Shannon McBride-Olson and Bryce Morthland of Media Production prepared the photos, and Mic Bouley and James Carter from Facilities made sure they were hung properly. Great job!

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