Success at any age

I recently co-authored an article with PCC Interim Vice Chancellor for Operations Dr. Stella Perez on our Back to Work 50+ program.

In January 2014, the AARP Foundation selected PCC as one of 15 community colleges across the nation to collaborate with in the delivery of Back to Work 50+ services. The program provides career training for workers 50 and older to make them job-ready in the post-recession economy.

For students such as Janette Thornton, an experienced administrative professional, the program put her career search on a new trajectory. After moving to Tucson, Janette submitted 136 job applications and had gone on 10 interviews, but remained jobless after seven months. Connecting with Back to Work 50+ opened Janette’s eyes to the growing healthcare job market, and she is returning to school to update her skills to meet the needs of employers in that sector. [You can read more about the Janette and the program on page 8 in the December 2015/January 2016 edition of the American Association of Community Colleges’ Community College Journal.]

Pima Community College is committed to promoting initiatives that create opportunities for our students and community, and to building partnerships that respond to the needs of students and employers.  Programs such as Back to Work 50+ demonstrate that when students realize their academic goals, the benefits accrue to the community as well as the individual. Everyone wins.

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