Accreditation update


Below is a message I shared earlier today with the College community:

I want to share a brief summary of information presented to the Governing Board by Bruce Moses, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Accreditation and Quality Improvement, at the Board’s Aug. 1 Study Session.

The topic, accreditation and the Sept. 26-27 Focus Visit by a team from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), is of obvious interest to the College community. Here are the major takeaways from the session.


As you know, the College is accredited by the HLC but is on Notice, which means we are at risk of being unable to meet one or more of HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. We submitted a Notice Report to the HLC on June 29, 2016. A timeline of important upcoming HLC-related events is available on the website. A critical event will be the HLC Board of Trustees’ meeting Feb. 26-27 to determine the College’s institutional status.

HLC rules prohibit it from keeping PCC on Notice, or placing us back on Probation. These are the possible outcomes:

  • We are removed from Notice.
  • We are removed from Notice, but must submit one or more reports detailing our progress in areas in which the HLC says we need to improve. The HLC may make additional Focus Visits to the College.
  • The HLC issues an order requiring us to show causeas to why our accredited status should not be removed.


One point Bruce astutely drove home is the need for the College to keep making progress throughout the Fall semester. A PCC team will travel to Chicago in December for a hearing of the HLC’s Institutional Actions Council, which makes recommendations to the HLC Board of Trustees. At the hearing, it will be important for the PCC team to provide evidence that the College has been improving processes throughout the semester.

We are up to the challenge to continue to improve. I don’t have to tell you that we have made significant strides. Our faculty, staff, administrators and Board are responsible for the many positive changes at PCC.  Thank you for meeting the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities to improve service to our students and community.


One thought on “Accreditation update

  1. Margarita Youngo

    Hi Chancellor Lambert,
    My comments below are about how faculty are engaged in helping the College with its accreditation efforts. More specifically our SLOs.

    Thanks to Bruce Moses, a group of employees attended a 2-day training on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) held at the West Campus at the end of the Semester. Although faculty were off contract, there were several faculty who attended. Bruce invited SLO expert, author, and former HLC accreditation expert, Linda Suskie, to lead the workshop training. It was aimed at training the trainers at PCC.

    We gained new knowledge & insights regarding the reasons for inconsistencies with definitions and problems with the SLO reporting model currently in place. Needed changes can be put in place at the beginning of this Fall semester.

    I know Bruce is extremely busy as the HLC visit approaches; but, I would like for us (attendees) to meet again with Bruce so we can have a “think tank” session together and report back to you and the presidents.
    We can prepare a short PowerPoint for All College Day simply listing new information & asking all faculty & admin. for their continued support & feedback. On the PowerPoint, faculty can be directed to send their comments directly to Bruce Moses & he can bring those to us on the “think tank” for further remarks. He and Carol Hutchinson have the list of attendees. Looking forward to your reply.

    Margie, History Faculty West


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