The Fall semester

The beginning of the fall semester at PCC is an exciting time, and this year proved to be no exception. As always, we kicked things off a few days before the start of the semester with All College Day, our annual all-employee meeting.  More than 1,000 faculty, staff and administrators took part in the morning general session, and in afternoon meetings and workshops.

Employees heard a moving presentation on the power of forgiveness from PCC graduates Brendan Lyons and Jamal Qasim. (I’ve written about Brendan in an earlier blog.) An avid cyclist, Brendan was severely injured when he was hit by an SUV driven by Jamal, whose attention was momentarily distracted. Terrell Strayhorn, Ph.D., of The Ohio State University spoke about the need for students to feel they belong at their college.

The semester started Aug. 24, and I went to Community and East campuses to talk with students. The students talked about their concerns, with transportation and textbooks near the top of the list.

What struck me most was their enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, several first-semester students were uncertain about their education path at PCC and beyond. But they clearly were excited to be on that path. They understand the promise inherent in education, and it’s an honor to head an institution dedicated to fulfilling that promise.

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