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Progress on Internationalization

I want to share an important document:  “Strategic Plan for Internationalization/Vision 2020.”

Written by Ricardo Castro-Salazar, Acting Vice President for International Development, the comprehensive report details the strides the College has made in multiple areas: infusing global knowledge into the curriculum, creating a language institute, developing community and global engagement, developing a study abroad program, identifying opportunities for workforce development in the international arena, providing international and cultural development for employees, and expanding international student outreach, recruitment and services.

The importance of these endeavors to the success of all our students cannot be overstated. As Ricardo writes, it is necessary “to educate our community for interdependence, global citizenship skills, and to bring the world to our students, a world driven by a global economy and challenges that transcend national borders.” Bringing the world to Pima is an ambitious undertaking that will benefit our students, city and region academically, culturally and economically.

[Read an executive summary of the report.]

Introducing PCC Spotlight

Spotlight Header
Yesterday, the College unveiled PCC Spotlight‘s inaugural edition. PCC Spotlight is a  monthly e-newsletter presenting news and information about a topic of importance to the community. The inaugural edition focuses on International Education at PCC. Some of the highlights:
  • Every dollar PCC spends on International Education generates revenue in excess of expenses.
  • Local students benefit from our international relationships through scholarships and increased access to classes.
  • PCC is participating in hemisphere-spanning initiatives that support cultural awareness and economic development.

PCC Spotlight can help keep the community aware of the changes PCC is making to fulfill its goal of becoming a premier community college, and I look forward to sharing new editions in the future.